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  1. Upon opening the product, please note that the top of the (4 oz.) gel bottle may need the tip slightly cut in order to increase the flow, with scissors.
  2. Place the 4 oz. gel bottle into the pen opening of the CleanBlock and gently squeeze to desired level. On top of the unit is a small vent hole that would need to be opposite of the filling bottle.
  3. The unit can be placed on a counter top, wall or anywhere that there is high traffic of writing instruments.
  4. If mounting vertically on a wall, make sure that the small hole on the CleanBlock is the highest point.
  5. Place the pen tip into the hole and push until it is able to be pulled through the other side.
  6. You can leave a pen, pencil, or stylus inside of the CleanBlock for as long as desired but ensure that the tip is not stationed in the gel.